Rabbi Yakov Lazaros
Our Rabbi, Rabbi Yakov Lazaros, is a graduate of Yeshiva University with a B.A. in economics. He received his Semicha, rabbinical ordination, from the world famous Gaon, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, of Blessed Memory in 1974.

Rabbi Lazaros has lived in Framingham and served as our spiritual leader for the past 20 years. He also teaches a course in Talmud and Jewish Law at the Yeshiva Academy in Worcester Ma.

The Rabbi officiates at weddings, Bar-Mitzahs, and G-D forbid funerals. Our Rabbi is available to answer your
questions on matters pertaining to Judaism. He is also an experienced marriage counselor and has helped many couples overcome family problems. We offer prayers for the sick every Shabbos at the Torah reading.

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